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Age: 48
Year of Death: 2007

William H. Hutchinson III

Submitted by his Wife

Remembering –

Captain William ‘Billy’ Hutchinson III
Charleston Fire Department – South Carolina
Classification: Career
Rank: Captain
Date of Death: June 18‚ 2007
Age: 48

Billy’s introduction to the Fire Department was at the age of 18‚ became a member and started his career as a firefighter promoted to engineer‚ and then Captain in 1999.

Throughout his career he served at several stations including stations 10‚ 12‚ and 19‚ for a total of 30 years and where he was highly respected for his knowledge and skills as a firefighter.

Rookie firefighters and seasoned officers always knew if Captain Billy was at a fire they trusted him to lead them as he always understood the risks. Billy helped save a firefighter that was suffering from a heart attack during a fire. Billy performed C.P.R. and saved the firefighter life.

While working during hurricanes he always made sure his family was safe‚ making sure someone was there with them. Billy enjoyed when kids came by to visit the station‚ his children would come by to visit and he would pick them up and let them swing off the ladder hoping he had a firefighter in the making.

Billy was also a barber. Every duty day his fellow firefighters would line up for their haircuts. Billy had a joke‚ kind word‚ and a smile on his face. Never one to brag or boast about himself‚ his Brother firefighters remember Captain Billy as lighting and always eating an egg sandwich and a Pepsi.

Billy loved to play golf and participated in tournaments bringing home trophies to his twin daughters Aubree and Haley. As his family‚ they remember the good times they shared like vacationing in Myrtle Beach and playing and teaching sports to his daughters. Billy would go shopping to buy gifts for his wife Phyllis with his daughters‚ always making it a special occasion.

When he was off duty he would attend football games for fellow firefighter Art Wittner’s‚ son Josh.

One of his proudest moments was when his oldest daughter Christy got married and he walked her down the aisle and when he became a grandfather to Chase.

Billy’s wife Phyllis remembers pinning his badge‚ collar brass‚ and name tag on every duty day for 18 years‚ also making sure he had his fire gear for work including his barber tools.

She was always proud of Billy and how great he looked in his uniform. His family was very proud of him and he was always their hero.

June 18‚ 2007 working B shift‚ Engine 19 with Captain Billy in charge along with Engine 16‚ 15‚ 10 sacrificed their lives fighting a fire at the Sofa Super Store. Billy will be missed forever by his family.

On June 18‚ 2008 Captain William Hutchinson and eight others firefighters received a metal of valor for their heroism.

God Bless the Charleston 9

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  1. I didn’t know Billy well . Actually I only met him once or twice at Hammerton Lodge in N.Charleston. I was just initiated into Masonry in January of ’07 and made a Master Mason in March. Even though I only met him a few times, I can still remember that smile he had and friendly demeanor. Charleston lost a great firefighter. Hammerton lost a great Brother. But we all lost A Great Friend. Miss you Billy. R.I.P. Your Brother and Friend John

    – John D Lesesne Jr.
  2. I was on vacation in South Carolina when the Sofa Super Store fire broke out and I was devastated to hear that 9 of Charleston’s Bravest had perished in such a terrible fire and even though I was not familiar with the firefighters, I will always show my utmost respect and admiration for all firefighters, especially since I am a firebuff! RIP the Charleston 9!

    – David Tate, III