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Rachel Prouty: Gratitude and Appreciation for My NFFF Scholarship

Rachel Prouty: Gratitude and Appreciation for My NFFF Scholarship

Rachel Prouty

By Rachel Prouty
Daughter of Roy E. Prouty

I received the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) scholarship letter last night. I wanted to share my gratitude and appreciation for all of the work that you do regarding these scholarships (on top of everything else you guys do.) As you know, school is expensive, and when I made the decision to attend school at an out-of-state college, I don’t think I really understood the higher rate of tuition at that time. Nonetheless, I’ve continued and (finally) made it to my final year of school. When the pandemic hit and people were losing jobs/internships, housing availability, and overall experiencing financial hardship, I was pretty sure that I was going to defer school and/or just see what I could get done with my Bachelor of Social Work (BSW).

After receiving this letter last night and seeing the very generous amount NFFF/Motorola Solutions Foundation was offering, I felt a rush of emotions including relief, thankfulness, surprise, and excitement. I am glad I never actually put in my deferral request, because now I will be able to continue school and finish out this last year.

The NFFF and the friendly, helpful, supportive people I’ve met over the years continue to stand as a pivotal point in my life as to why I ultimately chose social work and why I’ve been able to be successful in social work. I wanted to say thank you for your continued support in many adapting ways, from when I was a kid and first became connected with NFFF to now. Thank you.

NFFF Scholarship Recipient Spotlight

Rachel Prouty

Rachel Prouty

Senator Paul Sarbanes Scholarship

Majoring in Social Work

Rachel pursues her Master of Social Work degree at the University of Maryland while working full-time as a mental health rehabilitation therapist and serving an intern. Upon graduating, she plans to work with firefighters regarding their mental health and wellness because she sees this community as underserved in the field of behavioral health. Rachel plans to work with the IAFF’s Center of Excellence and Recovery to bring much needed mental health services to first responders.

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Her Scholarship Made Possible With Support from

Motorola Solutions Foundation

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