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Senator Paul Sarbanes Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient

Joe Wach

Major: Accounting
Academic Scholarship Years:
Son of

Joe is currently a senior in high school. He plans to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Accounting through Wayne State College. He shares that he plans to work while attending school but knows the value of receiving scholarships to help defray the high student debt load of higher education.

Joe is a 4-year participant of the Science Club and Quiz Bowl. He has played basketball for the past 3 years and spent 1 year on Student Council. He often helps his mother with the various volunteer organizations she volunteers for. Joe credits her for having expectations for her sons to give back to their community.

Nebraska State Fire Marshal Chief Investigator Matzner says, “Watching Joe as an innocent 3-year-old trying to process his father’s death was humbling. He is actively involved in his high school where he excels in academics, athletics, and quiz bowl. He works part-time and contributes to his family’s success. Joe is one of the most heartfelt and kindest seniors you will know. These characteristics make him a deserving recipient of the National Fallen Firefighters Scholarship Program.”

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