Wyoming Fallen Firefighter Memorial

The memorial is the creation of many Wyoming Firefighters with many firefighters donating time to construct the memorial. The rocks used in the construction are from 23 counties, all BLM Districts, all National Forests, the Wind River Indian Reservation, and both National Parks in Wyoming.

Massachusetts Fallen Firefighters Memorial

The Memorial is made up of a larger than life statue of three firefighters in the search and rescue mode. The 10-foot statue sits on a marble Maltese cross, surrounded by a “Ring of Honor,” that is available to fire department and associations and families to honor deceased firefighters. 

Kentucky Fallen Firefighter Memorial 

Raising over 19 feet in the air, is one of the memorials focal points, a stainless steel multifaceted Maltese cross, the national symbol of firefighters. Supporting this cross is the massive polished black granite obelisk. The obelisk’s pedestal is hand etched with a collage of firefighters in action, using many different types of equipment and in different firefighting situations. The two polished black granite wings, both left and right of the pedestal have been designated for the names of all our fallen firefighters to be permanently engraved. 

Maine Firefighters Memorial

The Maine State Federation of Firefighters constructed the memorial in 1998, with support and assistance from many other fire service organizations in Maine. The firefighters memorial commemorates and recognizes the contributions of Maine firefighters who have died both in the line of duty and otherwise.

Michigan Firemen’s Memorial

The Michigan Firemen’s Memorial features a wall listing the firefighters who died while protecting the communities they served.

Michigan Fallen Heroes Memorial

The Michigan Fallen Heroes Memorial is the only Memorial in the State of Michigan that honors both police and firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty. The first phase of the project, the bronze statue, was unveiled in 2002. The second phase, the granite wall upon which the names of Michigan’s police and firefighters who gave their lives in the line of duty are etched, was unveiled in November of 2005.

New Hampshire Fallen Firefighters Memorial

The New Hampshire Fallen Firefighters Memorial was built in 2006, with the “Call to Brotherhood” initiated by the NH Corp of Fire Chaplains. The NH Fire service community helped to build the memorial brick by brick and is situated on the grounds of the NH Fire Academy. A large bell recovered from a church in Gorham NH is the center piece with memorial brick and granite. Granite slabs are engraved with the names of the NH Fallen and an eternal flame is lit 24 hours a day. The NH State Firemen’s Association maintains the memorial and conducts a memorial service each September to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

New Jersey Fallen Firefighters Memorial

This Firefighters Memorial is sacred ground established and dedicated to honor those who have given their time and in some circumstances given their lives (LODD) and passed on.