New York State Fallen Firefighters Memorial

The NYS Fallen Firefighters Memorial is the collaborative effort of many in the public and private sectors. It stands as an enduring tribute to the fire service of New York State to whom we all owe immeasurable thanks and prayers.

Oklahoma Fallen and Living Firefighters Memorial

Firefighter names are inscribed in granite and those firefighters who gave the supreme sacrifice have the special and most honored space reserved at the park – The Wall of Valor. The Memorial is unique in that all Oklahoma firefighters who have served their communities for more than 20 years on an OSFA-member department are recognized.

Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial

The Memorial is located in front of the Patrick Henry Building. On the North side of the Memorial, a wall of names runs east/west, slightly elevated from the plaza, a subtle gesture that begins to create a more private space to experience the name of a loved one. A wide walkway runs adjacent to the memorial wall. Along the south side of the walkway is a low water feature that allows for a visual connection to the Capitol. The space and sound of the water maintains the individual’s privacy to contemplate the name on the wall. A bench along the fountain allows one to experience the entire wall of names, acknowledging as a group those who have sacrificed their lives to protect citizens of the Commonwealth.

Washington State Fallen Firefighters Memorial

The Washington State Fallen Firefighters Memorial stand watch over the Fire Training Grounds where every member of the fire service trains.  A bronze tribute is secured to a granite boulder honoring the courage, boldness and dedication to the call of duty firefighters live out each day.

Wisconsin Fire and EMS Memorial

The State Firefighters Memorial is a tremendous project that will make sure no one forgets the courage, bravery and dedication of Wisconsin firefighters. The park covers 7.5 acres located along the west side of the Wisconsin River, providing the peaceful and somber atmosphere the memorial requires.  The park’s existing tall trees and rolling terrain add greatly to the tranquility and serenity of the location, making it the perfect place for the memorial. 

Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial

The Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial design features four statues:  “Old Leather Lungs”, representing the origins of firefighters; “The Angel of Mercy”, representing paramedic firefighters; “On the Line”, representing wild land and forestry firefighters; and “Pushin’ In”, which represents modern day firefighters.  The center statue and fountain are known as the Win Rockefeller Fountain of Faith.