National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Arthur J. Glatfelter Distinguished Service Award

Art Glatfelter

For Outstanding Contributions to Support and Further the Mission of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Art Glatfelter (1924-2013) was a native Pennsylvanian, a United States Marine, a leader in the insurance industry, a horseman, and a champion of the arts in his beloved community of York, PA. He was loved by many and admired by all who served with him in any capacity. He was truly a Renaissance man – an individual of courage, wisdom and vision. He was a passionate leader and mentor who had a goal to make the world a better place.

He will also be remembered as a champion of the U.S. Fire Service as the founder of VFIS—the first insurance company of its kind founded in 1969 to meet the insurance needs for volunteer firefighters. Art greatly admired the courage of firefighters, and he displayed this admiration by dedicating much of his time and fortune to advancing the mission of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF)—to prevent line-of-duty deaths and to take care of the survivors of firefighters who fall in the line of duty. In terms of his work associated with the NFFF, Art helped with the founding of the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in 1981 and served on the NFFF Board of Directors between 1995 and 2005. He enthusiastically supported the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend as a great demonstration of the support NFFF provides to fallen firefighters and their families and co-workers. As his final gesture of commitment, Art Glatfelter generously remembered the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in his last Will and Testament.

Art Glatfelter also supported the fire service at the national level by co-founding the Congressional Fire Service Institute (CFSI) with former Congressman Curt Weldon. In this capacity as a Founding Director of CFSI, he helped steer and influence federal policy regarding fire service issues.

Therefore, in his memory, the NFFF celebrates his extraordinary achievements by creating the Arthur J. Glatfelter Distinguished Service Award to recognize exceptional service to the NFFF by men and women who continue to support his legacy.

Arthur J. Glatfelter Distinguished Service Award Guidelines & Nomination

Submission Guidelines

  • The candidate must be nominated by someone other than her/himself.
  • Candidates may be submitted posthumously.
  • An organization may be nominated for the award, but must be nominated by an individual who is not a part of the organization.
  • The nomination narrative must address:
    • The individual or organization’s support for NFFF’s prevention and support missions
    • The nominees’ significant impact
    • Documentation of the unique aspects of the candidate’s leadership
    • How the candidate’s contributions have encouraged philanthropic or other substantial support for the NFFF

Nomination Deadline

The Nomination period each year will be December 15 to January 15. All paperwork, the narrative and the nomination form, must be submitted electronically to the NFFF at [email protected].

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee will be composed of the Board of Directors of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. There is not a process for appeal of the Board’s decision.

Award Presentation

The Award will be considered annually, but may not be awarded annually.

If awarded, the recipient(s) of the Arthur J. Glatfelter Distinguished Service Award will be honored at an event selected by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

The recipient(s) are eligible for financial support as necessary to attend the event to receive their award.

Award Recipients