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Senator Paul Sarbanes Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient

Amy Moorman

Major: Communications with Administration of Justice
Academic Scholarship Years:
Spouse of

Unwillingly forced to become the head of household after her husband’s death, Amy is now alone, left uneducated and picking up the pieces. Through grit, hard work, and dedication, Amy is planning to earn her bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice, then continue with law to obtain her Juris Doctorate Degree. Amy’s goal is to become financially independent through her education. Through her own experience since losing David, she has found her why.

Amy wishes to advocate for other families who lose a firefighter and assist those families with the benefits paperwork and any legal issues arising from that process. Her goal ultimately is to assist other widows and widowers with finishing their own education and to remind them that they truly are not alone.

Amy is said to be resilient, tenacious, and committed to turning her loss into an opportunity to serve others. Deputy Chief Graham Everette says, “Amy remains committed to advancing her education to secure her family’s future and opening employment opportunities for herself.”

Amy’s previous scholarship was made possible with support from the
Motorola Solutions Foundation.

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