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Senator Paul Sarbanes Scholarship

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Keara Page

Major: Cognitive Neuroscience
Academic Scholarship Years:
Daughter of

Keara has chosen to focus her studies on Cognitive Neuroscience. Knowing she has always wanted to work with neurodivergent people and thanks to the isolation of COVID, she has decided to obtain her degree and then become a firefighter. She will share her specialty of working with neurodivergent people as a firefighter to supplement a fire department’s behavioral health services. Keara is minoring in Spanish so she can be a bilingual provider.

Keara proudly joined Strong Girls United, a 501(c)(3) with a mission to empower girls to be strong, confident, and resilient through sports and physical activity combined with mental health and wellbeing activities. She has trained to become a mentor to young girls in the Schenectady community.

Lieutenant McCabe writes, “I have known Keara for almost ten years. She is motivated, driven, mature, and intelligent. She excels as an outstanding volleyball player while carrying a challenging academic schedule. Keara is loving and dedicated to her family and friends.”

Keara’s previous scholarship was made possible with support from the
Motorola Solutions Foundation and the MissionSquare Retirement Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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