Firefighter Memorial Park

The park was orginally the playground of the nearby grade school in the early 70’s and featured a small wading pond. The park was renamed and rededicated to the firefighters who lost their lives battling a propane rail tanker fire in 1973. The Memorial Monument pays tribute to the fallen firefighters and was renamed Fire Fighter’s Memorial Park. Park amenities include: picnic tables and sun shelters, BBQ grills, outdoor restrooms, kid’s playground equipment, soccer/grass area, and Kingman’s only skate park and Frisbee golf course.

Inaja Memorial Picnic Site

The Inaja Memorial Picnic area is located on highway 78, east of Santa Ysabel in the Cleveland National Forest.

Shreeve’s Stable Fire Memorial

The Memorial shows a firefighter rendering aid to a fallen comrade while two others continue to battle the blaze. This signifies the necessity to complete the mission, even while feeling the concern and grief for a comrade.