Firefighter Tribute

Wisconsin Fire and EMS Memorial

Dedicated: April 16, 1994
Location: Ben Hanson Park, 2nd Avenue South, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, USA
The State Firefighters Memorial is a tremendous project that will make sure no one forgets the courage, bravery and dedication of Wisconsin firefighters. The park covers 7.5 acres located along the west side of the Wisconsin River, providing the peaceful and somber atmosphere the memorial requires.  The park's existing tall trees and rolling terrain add greatly to the tranquility and serenity of the location, making it the perfect place for the memorial. 
More About the Tribute

The centerpiece of the park is a statue of three life-sized firefighters engaged in a rescue situation. One firefighter is dragging a disabled firefighter with another nearby ready to help. There are benches for reflection and the American flag flies over the park. A tower with a firefighter’s bell commemorates the bell that firefighters historically used to signal the beginning of a new shift and summon firefighters to an alarm and a fire call. The memorial has a smaller bronze statue that it brings to funerals for firefighters who died in the line of duty. The Memorial is located in Ben Hansen Park in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

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