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Age: 40
Year of Death: 2001

Alberto Tirado

Firefighter Alberto Tirado was hired by the Passaic Fire Department on September 10‚ 1992. He completed Basic Fire Training and was assigned to Engine Co. #l at the Westside Fire Station for 2 years. He was then transferred to Engine Co. #3 at the Eastside Fire Station. He worked out of the Eastside Fire Station until May 9‚ 2001. On that day Firefighter Tirado was temporarily assigned to work on Truck Co. #2. That evening the company responded to a report of a structure fire at 202 Market St. Upon the company’s arrival they confirmed a working fire in a 3-story multi-family building and received a report of a woman and two children trapped.

Firefighter Tirado immediately entered the building and began searching for the victims‚ not knowing they had already safely escaped the fire. Refusing to give up the search‚ he continued on and found himself trapped and running out of air on the third floor.

Firefighter Tirado did not make it out of the building. He was killed in the line of duty performing the greatest act of bravery a firefighter can render. He gave his life trying to save others‚ the ultimate sacrifice.

During his 8 years and 8 months on the job‚ Firefighter Tirado accomplished many things. He was a certified Firefighter‚ EMT‚ Fire Inspector‚ and attained Incident Management System Level 1 certification. He had also recently passed the State of New Jersey’s Department of Personnel Fire Officers examination and was eligible to be promoted to Lieutenant. He was a member of the Passaic Firefighters Association and FMBA #13.

Firefighter Tirado leaves behind a wife and four children.

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  1. He was my boss when he worked part time as a manager at the Clifton theater. When I was down and out he helped me by guiding me towards keep working and allowed me to stay at the Room the theater had which has shower and room for a bed. He was very kind to others and treated everyone with respect and up beat attitude. Such an loss for everyone and will be missed and i cant thank him enough for all he did for me. So Al thanks my friend and see you one day to thank you in person.

    – william dorreman
  2. what a absolute great soul I knew of him, a few more jobs they would depend, theater manager, postal worker US Marine and fireman, my friend Al, I was there on the night you transitioned, remember not to long before I asked you, how many jobs you had and with a smiling grin, you said all these kids you had depend.

    Love your life and I remember your journey and it was a pleasure meeting on our path, see you my friend enjoy Paradise.

    – Todd Travis Warrick
  3. Al, was one of my favorite cousins, when he was stationed in Iraq Desert Storm, he made it his business to keep in contact with his family, I am one of atleast 40 cousins and I think it’s more but, to say that I was the only one to receive a letter from him, that’s was one of the most special days in my life, till that tragic end, when we heard him take his last breath and scream I’m running out of oxygen, Al you are and will be always remembered and greatly missed…

    – Eneida Rivera