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Age: 50
Year of Death: 2013

David Jeff Little

Lt. David Jeffrey Little was born in Sylacauga, Alabama, to Isaac Paul and Mary Carter Little on April 19, 1963. He began his public safety career in 1981. After graduating from Sylacauga High School, he attended Trenholm Technical College and obtained his EMT-Paramedic certification working in the private ambulance field.

His fire service began in April 1984 with Childersburg Fire and Rescue, where he started as a fire medic and worked through the ranks. In 1993, he was promoted to captain/emergency medical services director. While in this position, he was responsible for the daily operations of the department’s paramedic rescue unit and three advanced life support transport units. He held this position until 1998, when he was moved to the administrative captain/hazardous materials director position. As HAZMAT director, he directed a Level A hazardous materials response team. As training officer he conducted fire and EMS training for the department’s career and volunteer firefighters and paramedics, ensuring compliance with state and national continuing education guidelines.

Lt. Little moved to Waycross, Georgia, in November of 2000, when he married Sherry Dianne Hosey Little. He began his career with the Waycross Fire Department in February 2002 as a firefighter and was promoted to driver in 2006. In July 2013, he was promoted to lieutenant and commanded an engine company of three members.

In his 32 years of public service, Lt. Little received National Professional Qualifications Board certificates as Firefighter I and II, fire and EMS instructor, fire investigator, and hazardous materials technician. He was a self-contained breathing apparatus specialist, also known as a “smoke diver.”

Jeff had one son, David Baker Little, born August 7, 1995. One of Jeff’s favorite father-son outings was the two of them spending the day on the lake, teaching fishing skills to his son. They also loved shark fishing on St. Simon’s Island. Jeff had two stepsons, Michael and Matthew Grubb, with whom he enjoyed some Alabama Roll Tide Football.

Jeff was a bright spot in everyone’s day. He took the negative and made a positive. He was always encouraging and never seemed to let life get him down. When he got his feet knocked out from under him, he just started climbing right back up that ladder and faced life with a smile. He made my heart smile then and now.

Jeff and Dianne celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary on November 10, 2013, and he lost his life on December 15, 2013. Jeff was my friend, my love, my husband, and forever my hero. He died doing what he loved. If I had one wish it would be that I would have met him sooner so I could have loved him longer. RIP, Lt. Jeff Little, my love.

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  1. Jeff was my baby brother. He was also a typical firefighter..a jokester and a prankster both on and off the job. He was also a pretty good cook. Jeff could do almost anything he set his mind to and if he couldn’t do it he knew someone who could. He never met a stranger and could carry on a conversation about anything. He was also blessed with a gift for singing and playing guitar. Jeff was a consummate Alabama football fan and I am a diehard Auburn fan so this caused some disagreements. But at the end of the day, we were still brothers You are truly loved and missed little brother.

    – Andrew Little
  2. Where to start, Jeff was also my little (big) brother cause he was the youngest, but Jeff had a great big ole heart that he did not mind sharing as Andy ,my older brother said ,Jeff didn’t meet too many strangers and if he did they were not strangers for long. Growing up Jeff and I had many great experiences together because we were so close in age and I recall many of them on a daily basis now to remind me of the bond my brothers and I have. Jeff is missed and will be missed daily till we see each other again. So for Jeff “ROLL TIDE ROLL” FOR Andy, “WAR EAGLE” I’m glad I never got into that rivalry but I do miss the phone calls from each of them about the other. Sing a pretty song in Heaven little brother I am sure you have the better voice now clean and crisp. Love you Both….

    – James Little
  3. Jeff was also my brother as well as Andy, they both were so charismatic about the football and would really get on each other every week and especially when they played each other. Jeff was an avid musician and we had some good times playing and singing earlier in our lives. I know he is singing in Heaven with PaPa and uncle Don with a clear and crisp voice that must be the rival of Angels. Jeff is missed and loved every day. So until we meet again Jeff we will Honor you in every way we can and we will tell you all about it as the ages roll….James

    – James Little
  4. Jeff was my stepfather, marrying my mother when i was 19 years old. He was always there with a helping hand whenever I or anyone for that matter needed anything! He would gladly do anything he could to help no matter the cost. Our favorite times together was watching Alabama football on Saturdays along with my mom. I think that was probably the most animated that I personally ever saw Jeff….. Good times!!! You are a good man Jeff Little and you treated my mother, my brother, and me with a great deal of respect and showed us all tremendous love. For that, jeff, I will remember you always and will love you always. Thank you for the memories until I see you again!

    – Chad Grubb
  5. My darling, you had me at hello. From the moment I met you, I knew that you would be my future and my happiness. I will have to say you absolutely spoiled me rotten. Anything I wanted to do….whether it be shopping all day or sitting on the beach, you were willing without any complaints. You were my Love, my heart

    – Dianne Little
  6. I heard alot of the Jeff Little stories while working with Jim Looney at both Childersburg Fire and Sylacauga Ambulance. I had to pleasure of knowing the real Jeff and he was a character. I know he loved fighting fire and his family. I pray that the Jeff’s service to those he valiantly served will help bring you peace.

    – Shane Caton
  7. It was an honor to know Jeff. He always knew how to make you smile. I admired his passion for his family and country. He made a connection with everyone he met. He loved his Di too, and his Alabama football. As long as he had the both..he was alright. I can’t wait to see and talk with him again one day, until then…Roll Tide my friend! Lindsey, Brad, Ely and Jaylon

    – Lindsey Hendrix
  8. To lt.littles family we are very sorry for your loss but jeff has joined a brotherhood of guardian angles to keep watch over us and keep us safe and we will never forget him rip brother

  9. As a fireman’s wife as well, to hear the tones go out and knowing he may save someone’s life…best feeling in the world. I tell my husband all the time that God gave you the heart and the skills to do this job. Wish you and yours well at this time.

    – Pam Caton
  10. My husband, Mickey and I are taking a walk down memory lane! Jeff Little was married to my sister, Dianne, but we considered Jeff a brother (not a brother-law).We lived in Alabama and they lived in Waycross, Ga, We went on vacations together and spent many hours together and there was never a dull moment. Jeff was a fantastic chef and loved to “pic and grin” as we call it in Alabama! Jeff was always eager to help anybody in need and was truly called to be a firefighter! Love you,Jeff! You will forever be in our hearts until we meet again! Roll Tide Roll, Jeffro!

    – judy Guy
  11. Well Jeffro, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor than you. I hope your looking down from heaven, watching & smiling that big ole’ smile 🙂
    You were one of the most selfless people I’ve ever known, as long as everyone else was happy and having fun, so were you. I don’t think I ever once heard you complain, you were always taking care of everyone around you. You loved our family with all of your heart. You could always make me laugh, even when I didn’t feel like I could.
    I’ll see you again one day Jeff, and these skinny flamingo legs will be running to you for a great big hug 😉

    – Tracy (flamingo legs) King
  12. Jeff was a great man all around he is my uncle and we loved to fish together and love alabama football he was so funny miss him a lot

    – Dalton King
  13. Jeff was a hero! I’m so proud to have called him my friend. His wife Dianne, son David and stepsons Chad and Matt are my family and I grieved along with them during their loss. I will remember him with love and great respect.

    – Kathryn Sapp
  14. I was privileged to get to know Jeff when he came to work at the Waycross Fire Department.. He was what I considered a ‘firefighter’s firefighter’. He was proud of his chosen profession and we often talked about how much the profession had changed during our time of service.

    Battalion Chief Keith Crawford
    Waycross Fire Department (Retired 2014)

    – Keith Crawford
  15. In the last six weeks Jeff got company in Heaven Mom and Dad went to be with Jesus and Jeff I can only imagine the celebration going on up there. Now Jeff is at peace..

    – james little
  16. In 2011 i was in college and locked my keys in my car and Mr. Little came to help me. I was so embarrassed that a fire truck came to my rescue but we got my keys. He was the nicest person willing to help anyone in need. May god wrap his arms around all the families sending condolences

    – Caity Jordan
  17. It is with great honor and respect that after 40 years of being in the fire service that I can truly say that Jeff was the best firefighter I ever had the privilege of working with in my career. It was what he was born to be – a firefighter – and he
    did it without hesitation or fear. Most of all he was a good friend to me who had my back on anything and that is a precious and valued gift in today’s society. We shall see each other again my brother and I truly miss and love you. Roll Tide!
    Your Friend! Donnie Griffis
    Retired Firefighter

    – Donnie N Griffis
  18. December 2021
    To the Little family, please know your firefighter family will never forget Jeff, on this the 8th anniversary of Jeff’s death.

    – lisa hopmam