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Age: 23
Year of Death: 1996

Donald ‘Steve’ Trice Jr.

As they approached the accident scene late Saturday night, November 9, 1996, Jennifer Harrison knew they would be stopping. Her fiancee, volunteer firefighter, Steve Trice, hopped into the ditch to assist a 17-year-old girl laying in pain where she had been thrown from the nearby wreckage of a Nissan. Jennifer Harrison went to call 911.

On her way back, Jennifer spotted a van approaching the scene, unaware of the bedlam ahead. She tried to flag the driver, as did another man, but their warnings were unheeded. Unbelievably, the cable company van swerved at the last minute, missing the accident victim lying in the road and sliding to a stop at the edge of the ditch where Steve was administering first aid. The van driver got out of the van and went to help another accident victim.

Relief of the rescuers was short lived…the soft ditch bank began to give way and as Steve tried to pull the girl to safety, the 6-ton van fell over, killing them both. Police determined drunk driving to be the cause of the first accident.

Steve Trice, 23, had been a volunteer firefighter for over two years and was the son of the first assistant fire chief in nearby Blades.Trice, Sr. said he used to take his son to the firehouse when he was a child: “I think as he got older, he got the feeling of wanting to help people…he’s not the kind of person who could ride by and let someone else do it.” Steve and Jennifer were due to be married in April 1997.

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  1. Steve

    Thanks for all the time you spent with Keith and I growing up. Playing soccer and talking tractors at your grandfather’s are some great memories of you I have. Thanks for always taking time for us. You are missed and will never be forgotten

    – FF/ENG Kevin English
  2. Steve,

    We didn’t know one another, but I’m sure that we have been on scene together during my Vol. time in Hurlock. I began working as a PM/FF in Sharptown in 2002, and have stared at your picture many times and tried to put a little extra effort cleaning the case which holds your gear. I looked at you as a brother lost and have so much respect for your sacrifice. You are not nor will be forgotten… God Bless.

    – PM/FF David Carrier
  3. As the many years have passed, the memories never have. I see your face just like you are still here. I never thought sitting together in the ambulance, at the football game would be our last time spent together. I’m sure you know I visit often and have kept your memories alive in my children. One knew the kind, funny and caring person you were, the other knows through the memories and was proud but sad to visit the Memorial. My brother from another mother I miss you every day.

    – Jen Wheatley