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Age: 55
Year of Death: 2005

Edwin King

Submitted by his daughter

Chief Ed King died September 21‚ 2005‚ on a routine controlled burn. In December of 1973‚ he began volunteering at District 7 in Turon‚ Kansas. He was Assistant Chief for 20+ years‚ dad‚ papa‚ step-dad‚ brother‚ uncle‚ and friend. My dad was a man that a small community of 450 depended on. He was‚ as they called him around town‚ Mr. Fix-It. He was a man of all trades and his hands showed it. His big hands always appeared callused and abused. I always wondered why. As I grew and the years went by‚ I have come to realize why they were the way they were. After his passing‚ I couldn’t help but hold his hands and try to memorize them. I never want to forget them and all that they stood for. He was a man of honor and respect.

My dad was the kind of guy that could never sit still. He was always working or helping others. He loved being involved in the local fire department and took great pride in it. I think that it made him feel like he was doing his part. He always went above and beyond in everything that he did. In his time aside from working he enjoyed hunting‚ camping‚ spending time with family‚ friends and picking up his grandson‚ Colby‚ for occasional weekend visits. Colby and him were the best of friends and treasured every moment they were with one another. He has two other grandchildren who were not quite old enough to stay overnight with papa yet‚ but were looking forward to the chance and I know that dad was‚ too.

My dad was an amazing person who anyone would have been lucky to call a friend. We miss him so very much and will forever remember him. The small community of Turon‚ family and friends will never forget what an awesome person he was and how he dedicated his life to others. My dad has touched my life in so many different ways. In my times of feeling cheated from losing him‚ I have to keep in mind that God has blessed me and my families lives with the opportunity to know and love him. Our lives will forever be changed. I love you dad. We love and miss you papa.

Submitted by a friend

Edwin King was a volunteer for about 30 years – Assistant Chief for 15 years and Chief for 1. He was a bus driver for USD 310 and owner of Kings Body Shop.

He was killed in a head-on accident between himself and the Assistant Chief on 9-21-05 on the way to a control burn that got out of control. Edwin King was pronounced dead at the scene. It was a shock to a small town of 450 people. He is greatly missed.

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  1. Ed you are still in our hearts and missed so very much.

    – Linda Brown
  2. Thinking of you…R.I.P.

    – Shannon Schoenecker