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Age: 47
Year of Death: 2013

Eric S. Marsh

A loving husband and dedicated son, Eric Shane Marsh was born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. He graduated with honors from Ashe Central High, where he was a running back on the football team. He graduated from Appalachian State with a degree as a biologist/naturalist and worked and excelled at several jobs, but the one he really loved was wildland firefighting. He worked for several years with the Globe hot shots out of Tonto National Forest.

Eric had a great love for the outdoors. He was a rock and ice climber who proposed to his wife on an ice climbing trip to Ouray, Colorado. He was also an equestrian with a great love for his horse, “Shorty,” a skier and member of the ski patrol at Sunrise Mountain, a fisherman, motorcyclist, and avid cyclist and mountain biker. He competed in endurance mountain bike races and recently completed a 24-hour mountain bike race as a part of a four-person relay team. He and a friend made a pact to compete in the next 24-hour race as solo competitors.

Eric was also a talented tile setter, stone mason, and gifted welder/fabricator. He joined the City of Prescott in 2003 as part of the fuels management crew and worked to build a city-sponsored wildland team. He was an instrumental part of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots organization.
He helped start the Arizona Wildfire Academy (from his living room), where he taught basic firefighting, squad boss, and leadership classes. He liked to say that working on the crew “turned boys into men.” He was so well known for his quotes and sayings that his crew wrote down his “Eric-isms.”

Eric’s wife, Amanda, and his parents, John and Jane, want Eric remembered as a compassionate, good-hearted, loyal, and generous man of integrity who loved his family, his life, and being a Granite Mountain Hot Shot.

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  1. Rip eric, you sacrificed and are a hero along with your fallen brothers. God bless you and keep you

    – Hope Juda
  2. I just saw the Movie today. You and your crew are indeed Hero’s. Thank you ❤️

    – Karin Nash
  3. You all are true Heros! To get out in the line of a fire to save lives is just so heroic..
    We all owe our lives to men like you.
    To the families of the men who lost their lives I can only say God’s peace …?

    – Kim Cecena
  4. Thank you. You and your crew are heroes!

    – Bogdan Benner
  5. RIP, Hero, Eric Marsh, we should all aspire to be the man you were. Saw the movie, read Brendan’s book and two others and the reports online and then saw the movie again. Heartbreaking and inspirational. Respect too all firefighters and others protecting our world. Thank you for your sacrifices.

    – Michael Turner
  6. Saw the movie.. speechless
    You and your crew are Hero’s ❤️

    – Aleksandar Stoilov
  7. Eric,
    Thank you for reminding me that people are trully good, and that a hero can be anyone who is willing to sacrifice for the welfare of others. And for showing the world that if you have fierce and fearless determination, you can accomplish any dream. You were an amazing leader and you and your crew deserve the highest level of love, honor, and respect. Rest in peace among the angels. God bless you and all of the Hot Shots!!!
    Jennifer Blatnick

    – Jennifer Blatnick
  8. Seen the movie. Best i have ever seen. The hotshots were true heroes

    – Johnny White
  9. Thank you for all you did!!
    Thank you to the hotshots who risk there life for us everyday!!!!

    – Momo Massoud
  10. My roommate is a wild land firefighter on a heli-tack crew (previous 5 years spent on a hand crew) and understand this crews story has made me prouder of him now more than ever. The Yarnell Fire was a true tragedy, but it brought to life the knowledge of the dedication and sacrifice this job takes, which unfortunately takes a loss of life for people to understand. You and your crew are heroes to the entire woodland community, and we are all thankful for your service.

    – Trevor Matzke
  11. I was on a type 2 crew with the Nevada Division of Forestry. I loved this movie, very sad outcome in Yarnell. I can’t imagine how hard it was for Brendan, losing 19 people he was so close with. God bless all 20 of the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

    – Jade Pinney
  12. We need to remember these people .

  13. I have never had a movie affect me the way it did.I have lived my life much the same way. Doing the things others could or would not do, so when I say those guys are my heroes, it’s saying allot. Thank you, you gave all for what you believed in. You were everything men should strive to be.

    – Nate Bowling
  14. Eric represented the best of what we, the family who wear the black and gold of Appalachian State, aspire to be.

    – Tim Jackson
  15. From one tarheel to another- Godspeed and good work. Rest easy.

    – Ben Banks
  16. I just finished watching the movie, Only The Brave… Extremely, extremely moving!! My heart goes out to all the families who lost so much. I honor you and your fellow crewmates who sacrificed your lives for what you believed in!! RIP

    – Jeffrey Morgan
  17. I have been speechless and moved to see the movie, I am a forest firefighter in my country Honduras and this touched my heart and I will not stop to repeat the movie over and over again without getting tired. As a brigade chief I learned a lot from this heroic and great Team 7 as Granite Mountain was later, and I only have to honor the life of each one of the Prescott, AZ firefighters, who for me, more than heroes, are my inspiration to continue in the defense and protection of the forest and its ecosystem. Greetings to all the forest firefighters and a hug to the relatives that I know that more than one father, son or brother works with a team protecting the national parks. Blessings

    Juan Ochoa Mendez
  18. A fireman stood at the heavenly gate.
    His face was scarred and old.
    He stood before the man of fate
    For admission to the fold

    “What have you done,” St. Peter said
    “To gain admission here?”
    “I’ve been a firefighter, sir” he said
    “For many, many years”

    The Pearly Gates swung open wide
    As St. Peter touched the bell
    “Come in and choose your harp, my son”
    “You’ve seen your share of Hell.”

    – Michael O'Leary
  19. What a great movie about an incredible group of guys who gave there lives for their fellow man. God bless all of you and your families, RIP

    It was humbling to know the leader of the group had the same name as me.

    – Eric E Marsh
  20. You were a man, the likes of which I will never be. Rest well – and know that your life meant something to many. ?

    – Chris
  21. I hope to make the 20 hr drive to come honor all your family from those you left behind and those you passed on with. Rest Easy Brothers… Though your shoes cannot be filled, you’ll never be forgotten and we will take it from here..
    My deepest condolences to all the “unsung heroes” left behind by our brothers. Your in my heart and prayers. Thank you all for your service and sacrifice….

    – Brent “Ricochet” Holley NLRFD AR
  22. Today is the first time I heard of you and your crew. I want to say thank you for your service. I hold you, your crew your families and loved ones in my heart. I pray for all of you everyday. It’s people like you “ heroes “ that make this world worth fighting for! Thank you Rest In Peace

    – Christena Caporale
  23. Watched only the brave several times, and I remember when it all happened. God bless you, your family and all the other great Hot Shots we lost that day. I live in Tuolumne County, CA. We had a big fire in 2014 “Rim Fire”, it was huge and without all of the firefighters the town would of been lost. I was working as an EMT in the local ER, we saw many firefighters. My heart goes out to you and all the families of the HERO OF GRANIT MOUNTAIN HOTSHOTS!

    – Jamie Toro
  24. Watched only the brave several times, and I remember when it all happened. God bless you, your family and all the other great Hot Shots we lost that day. I live in Tuolumne County, CA. We had a big fire in 2014 “Rim Fire”, it was huge and without all of the firefighters the town would of been lost. I was working as an EMT in the local ER, we saw many firefighters. My heart goes out to you and all the families of the HERO OF GRANIT MOUNTAIN HOTSHOTS!
    Jamie Toro

    – Jamie Toro
  25. Ce film m’a bouleversé et je pleurs à toutes les fois que je le revoit. Ce sont des héros incroyable, courageux, brave et de très grands guerriers du feu. Mon respect à cette profession est rendu au plus haut niveau de ma liste. J’envoi toutes mes ondes positives et mon amour à toutes les familles et amis touchés par cette tragédie douloureuse. ❤

    James Benoit
  26. To all the fire fighters & their families— thank you for your talents , bravery & commitment .

    David Sullivan
  27. I watched the movie a while ago in the theater and all I gotta say is wow! What a wonderful team. You guys are the real heroes here. This story should be cherished for years to come!. With that being said, I would like to maybe to become a firefighter.
    RIP to the Granite Mountain Hotshots

    Addison Madden

    – Addison Madden
  28. What a story! I just saw the movie and after that I had to read the full story. The movie did not do justice to these fallen heroes. The sacrifice that these heroes made was incredible, not to mention the sacrifice that the families made. I have a knot in my throat just thinking of this story. I am truly sorry for your loss and I will forever remember these heroes. RIP Granite Mountain hotshots! Thank you for your service!

    – Peter Detmers
  29. oouuhhh Rahh. smokejumper by trade. much love, loyalty , honor and respect

    – Bob Paune
  30. All of the men who died during the Yarnell Fire were heroes like most of us will never know or be. We should all be grateful to their families for their sacrifice. The one thing that struck me as sad, given that we are living in the 21st century, there wasn’t better safety measures put into place to protect these men from the hell they ultimately experienced. We have helicopter crews to rescue people in distress at sea under the worst weather conditions. You would think there would have been at least 3 extraction contingencies in place in case the first two failed. I don’t think they had even one backup plan if their escape route was compromised. I’m just hoping that the wildland firefighting community learned something from this sad tragedy.

    – Mark Romero
  31. How lucky are we to know this inspiring story of comradeship, effort, determination, and the magnificent portrayal of ordinary lives that gave to their community ….. We are fortunate indeed!
    May we follow their example….

    – Buzz
  32. So sad to watch this movie. A true tragedy. You were all heroes, had finally completed what he had been working so hard for. I am still confused as to what happened to all of them. My heart goes out to all the families that are still struggling with this today. Some of these men were still ‘babies’. May you all R.I.P.

    – Donna Desloges
  33. No words can really capture or describe the heroism of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. We are from northern California and over the last month have watched as our beloved State burning with over 12 simultaneous forest fires has suffered losses of 100,000’s of acres, extensive property damage and of course most importantly the deaths of people including those of several firefighters. The Granite Mountain Hotshots and firefighters everywhere in our minds are true heroes. We now live in Greensboro, North Carolina and were deeply affected by the enormous loss of all of these men. Didn’t realize Eric Marsh was from North Carolina until the character who played him mentioned the State motto in Latin (“to be rather than to seem”). Not sure if he actually ever did say that but he really was (rather than appeared to be) the true definition of a hero as were all of his crew. Thank you for making this movie. It should be required watching by every American citizen.

    – Renee and Nils Skudra
  34. I can not begin to express my feelings towards this tragedy. This team was elite, powerful, and a brotherhood; you were the head of that. I am starting my CALFIRE schooling this October, and as god as my witness I will be taking what you taught and implemented with me.

    God Bless you and God Bless The Granite Mountains Hotshots.

    Rest In Peace and God Speed

    – Bryson Breeedlove
  35. Eric, as a fellow App St alum and fellow fireman, I honor your years of service and ultimate sacrifice. Knowing the toll on my family the job can take, I honor the years of sacrifice that your wife and family made as well. Your dedication to establish the granite mountain hotshots will live on and continue to serve for years to come.


    – Terry Rafferty
  36. We have a saying in law enforcement: “God made firefighters so police officers would have heroes.” I truly believe on that fateful day God held you in his loving arms and took you home. May God’s calming hand give the family peace.

    – Vernon Teague
  37. You are hero. Respect from Armenians.

    – Gagik Jamalyan
  38. I feel sorry to say that i did’nt knew anything about that fire untill i saw the movie. After i read a lot about it, and no movie never make me do that. So year great movie with such a sat ending. But i agree! All of you guys are heros! Hvil i fred (rip)
    All honer and respect from Martin Denmark

    – Martin Langsted
  39. Thank you Eric. You and the rest of the granite mountain hotshots will forever be heroes

    – Ben Thayer
  40. Looking forward to hiking Granite Mountain in March 2019 and paying Respects. It will be an Honor!

    Jim Habacker
  41. saddened to my core. Only God speed for all Hot Shots

    – Patti
  42. I just saw the Movie today. You and your crew are indeed Hero’s ❤️

    – Mohammad iran
  43. I am a volunteer fire fighter and an EMT. I love doing what we do. We all know we put our lives in the hands of our brothers every time we get a call, not knowing what will go on. We expect to go home and fear the worst. Our department is very blessed so far. We are all here to do our jobs. I do the best I can when I can. There are more fire fighters that work much more than myself. They will never know how much they are really thanked. God bless all of us. Thank you all so much.

    – Ed Grasso
  44. You and your crew are Hero’s. Thank you, for your sacrifice and heroism. You inspired me to be selfless. I’ll do what I kind, to let my family know about your brotherhood and sacrifice.

    – Noah Schalge
  45. May you rest in peace Eric I may not had been there I don’t know what was going through your mind I just hope that you didn’t died a painful death and you and your team has inspired me to pursue my dreams to become a Hotshot

    – Jeremy Hancock
  46. Thank you.

    – Darren Haney
  47. Aos 19 da montanha de granito. Vocês foram heróis de verdade. Todo o meu respeito.

    – Leonardo alves martins Leandro
  48. Rest in peace Granite Mountains.Respect from Poland.

    – Arkadiusz Kihak
  49. every time I watch the movie and just think of the familys lost of 19 great American heros. It touches more because of happening in our state of Az

    – Brian vangordon
  50. you are the biggest Hero I ever see
    thank you for using your life to save people
    rest in peace

    – Joerg Detlev Steinke
  51. My deepest sympathies to all families and friends that were and are effected by the passing of such brave men . They earned the right to be called heroes not only for who they were, they earned their badges of courage because of all of those they unselfishly protected . A lifetime of Thank Yous will never be enough to both the Hotshots and the sacrifice their families made as well .
    “The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.” ’

    RIP……..Eric Marsh , 43 , Andrew Ashcraft, 29 , Robert Caldwell, 23 , Travis Carter, 31, Dustin DeFord, 24 , Christopher MacKenzie, 30 , Grant McKee, 21 , Sean Misner, 26 , Scott Norris, 28 , Wade Parker, 22 , John Percin Jr., 24 , Anthony Rose, 23 , Jesse Steed, 36 , Joe Thurston, 32 , Travis Turbyfill, 27 , William Warneke, 25 , Clayton Whitted, 28 , Kevin Woyjeck, 21 , Garret Zuppiger, 27 .

    Gone but never forgotten .

    – Andrea
  52. Olá . Sou do Brasil e meu marido é militar . Vive viajando em missões . Sei muito bem o que é receber ligações e falar que nos veremos em casa para jantar . Quando vi essa cena no filme , me deu um aperto no coração . Nossa , vocês são verdadeiros heróis. Sua liderança é uma verdadeira inspiração. Estou comovida até agora . Não conhecia a história de vocês , assisti ontem na Netflix e como me tocou profundamente. Vocês deixaram um legado . O amor pelo próximo . Que Deus abençoe sempre a família de vocês

    – Kelly
  53. Rest in peace, you and the boys tried too hard, They have no powers but without a doubt they are the superheroes of my life and the best I have known, long live granite mountain hot shots!

    – Melanye Choez
  54. ese incidente me partio el corazon pprimera ves que veo esa pelicula es bastante dolorosa condolencias para los familiares de esos bomberos caido

    – edecio marin
  55. You are the definition of a hero, and we love you.

    – Lincoln Reiter
  56. Rest easy brother we got it from here having learned about you I hope I can say I’d be someone you’d love on your crew rest easy supe

    – Michael bramblett
  57. Long before retiring as an Assistant Chief in AK, I took the wildland academy you started in AZ.

    You’re a hero I look up to, and always will.


    – Leo Lashock
  58. I just finished the movie, you and your crew are heroes. RIP

    – Aiden
  59. Proud to be from NC because of people like Eric. I Live just down the hill in Burke county NC. I’m so sorry for your loss. The world needs more people like Eric. God bless you and your family !!

    – John Manis
  60. We saw the great movie, which was excellent and heartfelt. We admire and are Grateful to our firefighters, as for all of our first responders. Eric’s heart for Brendan was most impressive and Brendan appreciated his moment of opportunity, and I trust has demonstrated that in making his life count for his loved ones then and now. Amazing example! June

    – June
  61. I am an eighteen-year-old volunteer firefighter in Arkansas. I’ve heard many stories of firefighters and related tragedies. To be completely honest from the bottom of my heart, the story of Marsh and his brave crew is the most motivating story to me as a firefighter. The Granite Mountain Hotshots will never be forgotten.

    – Ryan Burnett
  62. The world misses you. You are true heroes.

    – Duane D Uhl
  63. I just saw the Movie today with my fam.
    You and your crew are TRUE HERO.
    Thank you for all you did. Rest in paradise..

    – mizuki
  64. A brotherhood of Honor and Service. After watching this movie, I felt sadness at their loss.
    I also felt the joy of witnessing a wonderful family of brothers. They lived, worked, laughed and left this world together. Now they are doing the same in heaven, RIP.

    – Charles R Green
  65. I saw the movie.
    I pray for you Eric and all the crew who passed away in that tragedy. May God puts all of you in the best place on His side.

    – Romel Hendi
  66. Rest in peace.
    Just watched the movie and moved to tears. May God bless all the 19 souls and comfort the family’s xo♥️

  67. I have been very sick but I watched the movie today. It helps me to know that there are good folks with servant’s hearts, like Mr. Marsh. K. Stevens 148 Prosperity Drive Baxter, TN 38544 Thank you.

    – Karen Stevens
  68. I have been very sick but I watched the movie today and it helps me to know that there are good folks with servant’s hearts like Mr. Marsh. K. Stevens 148 Prosperity Drive Baxter, TN 38544 Thank you.

    – Karen Stevens
  69. I think you were a great man and friend to all who new you and will be greatly missed

    – Elaine Beddow
  70. I have the movie and it broke my heart. The work and dedication they portrayed and Eric Marsh in my eyes was the glue that held these guys together. He loved his wife so much and told her often. I liked the fact that he was a straight talker and deducting everything he pursued. To have had him and the team of firefighters called The Granite Mountain Hotshots will live on forever. They are in my hearts to stay I have watched this movie at least 20 times GOD BLESS THESE BRAVE HEROIC MEN No I didn’t say this before

    – Karen Priebe
  71. RIP Brother…….NEVER to be FORGOTTEN…..

    – Ron Galasso