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Age: 55
Year of Death: 2008

Gregory A. Northup

For the Northup family‚ the fire department was a family affair‚ and Greg was no different. He was proud of the fact that he served on the same department as his brother‚ Rob‚ and where his uncle had served as fire chief for many years. Greg served a total of seven years with the Gallipolis Fire Department.

Greg was very active in all aspects of fire department life. Whether responding to emergency calls‚ working station relief for the resident firemen‚ giving fire safety training to children‚ attending training or meetings‚ or just hanging out at the station waiting to roll on the next run. He was the jokester who could make everyone laugh during a boring point in a department meeting‚ but in a second he would be the professional firefighter‚ charging into a burning building to save life and property. Greg was one of those special people who not only wanted to help out where he could‚ but also had a genuine concern and compassion for his community which he loved so much.

Greg was also a proud veteran of the U.S. Navy and a member of the Masonic Lodge. He enjoyed building things in his spare time as well as shooting guns‚ riding his motorbike‚ cooking‚ and-surprisingly enough-he loved to paint and quilt! Most of all‚ Greg just loved to be around people‚ and people loved being around him.

On the day Greg passed away‚ he drove the fire engine by a house after finishing a work detail for the fire department. A little boy was out front and signaled for Greg to blow the horn. Greg blew the air horn and drove past. The boy followed the engine down the street to where Greg had parked it. As Greg walked up to the door of a local business‚ he saw the boy‚ smiled‚ and waved. The boy smiled broadly‚ waved back‚ and rushed home to tell his mother‚ ‘That fireman is my hero! When I grow up‚ I want to be just like my hero!’ Tragically‚ Greg never knew the impact he had on that little boy‚ as he collapsed from a heart attack moments after stepping through the door of the business. He never knew the impact he had on all of us.

Greg was a devoted son to his parents‚ Harlan and Ella‚ and a protective‚ big brother to his younger brother‚ Rob. His two grown children‚ Robert and Kathryn‚ were the apple of his eye! He loved spending time with his fire department family and his many friends. He will always be remembered by the love‚ laughter‚ and happiness he brought into our lives.

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  1. Rest in the peace of Christ my brother. We miss you so. ?

    – Keith Elliott
  2. He was a Ray of sunshine sweet man

    – Fran
  3. R.I.P. brother

    – Josh Angelo
  4. I was thinking of you today. Love and miss you, brother.

    – Jessie Borden