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Age: 33
Year of Death: 2001

John P. Napolitano

John P. Napolitano‚ 33‚ lieutenant‚ FDNY‚ Rescue 2. Napolitano began his firefighting career at age 17 as a Junior Volunteer with the Lakeland Volunteer Fire Department. Over 16 years of service‚ he became its youngest chief and‚ eventually‚ its commissioner. In his 10 years with the FDNY‚ Napolitano became a certified paramedic and was scuba-trained for water rescue. Despite the seriousness with which he approached his work‚ Napolitano was known for his smile and his sense of humor. Outside the firehouse‚ his life revolved around his wife and two young daughters.

John received a great many awards and citations. But more important‚ he was an excellent husband‚ father‚ and the greatest son a father could ever hope for.

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  1. Never met you, but got to do the 9/11 stair climb in honor of you!! RIP

    – EMT
  2. I climbed in memory of you at FDIC 2017. It was a struggle to say the least to climb all the stairs but I kept thinking about your supreme sacrifice. You made me go the distance. I will never forget.

    Jim Busch
    Captain. Cheshire Fire Dept.

    – Jim Busch
  3. I ran in your honor today at the 9/11 Stair Climb in Farmington New Mexico. Thank you for your sacrifice. I will carry your name with me always! Never forget!

    – Tina Pachexo
  4. I climbed in your honor today and finished with many thoughts of all of the sacrifices you made. I will always hold you in high honor and offer up so much respect for all you have given. Never Forget!

    – Cindy Keen
  5. I ran in your honor today at the 911 Stair Climb in Omaha, NE. Thank you for your sacrifice!
    Never forget ?

    – Angel Yanez
  6. Did the 9/11 stair climb today at clipper magazine stadium 9/10/18 i picked your name cause your eyes showed me the way 110 stories completed in your honor will never be forgotten

    – Doug Sigman
  7. Today 9/2218 My 9 yr old daughter did our Stair climb in Springfield mo in your honor. You will always be remembered.

    – Alicia Keyek
  8. I climbed in your honor at the 9/11 Stair Climb at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI 2018. it was a pleasure to climb in your honor. Once reading your bio and noting your many accomplishments at such a young age I now have even more admiration for you and your family. Thank you to you and your family for what you have done, what you did and the sacrifices you made. I send best regards to you and your family. Never forget, Sincerely.

    – Roger Turner, Fire Fighter, Sun Prairie, WI Fire Department
  9. I was two blocks away from the World Trade Building and saw the first tower come down in front of my own eyes and was engulfed in the dust. I remember that day like it was just yesterday. Fast forward 15 years, in 2016, on a business trip back to NYC, I stopped by the 9/11 Memorial pools and stood at this one spot reminiscing about that day. After a few minutes when I was about to leave for my next meeting, I noticed that my right hand was on the name of “John Philip Napolitano”. Of all the 3000 names that I could have placed my hand on, or stood near, I have no explanation of why I stood in that exact spot – with my right hand on the name of a person I share the same name with. (Philip John)
    It bought chills to my spine and a tear to my eye – I felt a connection to God like I have never before. God Bless America and God Bless your family John Philip Napolitano

    – Philip John
  10. I ran in your honor tonight. Every time I felt weak or tired, I looked at your picture and remembered what you did to protect others. I finished the race proud to be an American and a New Yorker knowing there are and were heroes like you out there protecting us from evil. God Bless you and yoir family. Thank you. I’ll never forget this or you.

    – Kayleigh Olive
  11. I walked in honor of you today in Bakersfield Ca. I wore your picture and prayed for your family. My heart hurts for all that lost their lives.

    – Sandy M.
  12. I had the privilege to climb in honor of John on 10/19/19 at the Missouri State Fire Marshal’s stair climb. It was a pleasure to learn of John’s legacy and ensure that his supreme sacrifice will not be forgotten. My deep admiration to John’s family who allowed their husband, father, and son to answer such a calling.

    Mike Mohrman
    Battalion Chief – Lee’s Summit, MO Fire Department

    – Mike Mohrman
  13. Your father posted a moving message on FB, under the UP-110 page, about how he left messages for you in the ashes while they searched for you. One who is loved is never forgotten. Rest easy, hero.

    – Stephen Gillilan
  14. Today 9/11/2021 I climbed Stair at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI in your honor, it was a pleasure to climb in your honor. You will always be remembered.

    Sparkle H.

    – Sparkle Hoheneder
  15. Honored to have climbed for you on 9/11/21. You are not forgotten. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

    – Jocelyn
  16. I climbed for you this year on 9/11/2021 as a member of the Payson Fire Department. I pray that your wife and daughters are being watched over while you are temporarily apart. God bless.

    – Jake
  17. To the Napolitano Family,
    On this 21st anniversary of 9/11, please know that John will NEVER be forgotten. He is a true HERO!!!

    – Lisa Hopman