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Battalion Chief
Age: 46
Year of Death: 2001

John P. Williamson

John P. Williamson‚ 46‚ battalion chief‚ FDNY‚ Battalion 6. Williamson was dedicated to his job and rose steadily through the ranks during his 23-year FDNY career. He lived in Warwick‚ N.Y.‚ in a home he had designed and built himself. Williamson was the father of two teenage children. He loved spending his free time with his family‚ meeting his mother for lunch‚ golfing with his son‚ or watching his daughter’s basketball games.

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  1. It was a honor to climb 110 stories today 10/10/2015 in Kingsport Tn RIP brother

    – Matt kegley
  2. I have the privilege of carrying Batt Chief Williamson’s name in our 911 Silent Walk in Charleston SC.

    – Christie Jones
  3. I find it a great honor to be climbing the 72 floors of WTC Building 4 in your memory 3/13/2016
    RIP Brother

    – Thomas Wilson
  4. Today I climbed for John. It was truly an honor to climb for him and the other 342 firefighters.

    – Emily Fletter
  5. I had the pleasure of walking with my fire house for chief Williamson and I rang the 9/11 bell

    – John Gauge
  6. It was an honor to climb for Battalion Chief Williamson in the FDIC 9/11 stair climb yesterday

    – Mark Hutchison
  7. This is a story about my 5 year old son Jaxon. our conversation took place on 9/11/2016. We live in central Nebraska. His dad has been in the Army for 24 years, and Jaxon has always been infatuated with the military, firefighters and police. I have always believed he is an old soul!

    Jax and I were talking this morning as we were lowering the flag to half staff. I thought he was old enough to know the basics of what happened on September 11th….15 years ago. Turns out he already knew more than I thought. We talked about the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and the hero’s on the flight that crashed into the Pennsylvania field. Then he said “and don’t forget all the hero police and firefighters that went to try to rescue the people that were hurt.” I said yeah…they are true heroes. Then he said, “yeah, I’ve talked to one of the firefighters before, in my treehouse.” “He died.” I feel almost sick to my stomach, thinking it’s just a 5 year old playing pretend…he said “yeah, his name is John Williamson.” He says his name without missing a beat. I feel a knot in my stomach. So I get the nerve to Google his name and shockingly look what I found. If you didn’t believe in angels before, I bet you do now! I know I do!

    – Brandi
  8. I was honored to climb for John P. Williamson at the 911 Stairclimb in Dallas, Tx September 8, 2018.

    – Jason Eddy
  9. Its an honor to climb in the sa 110/911 memorial today

    – Robert S Rodriguez
  10. Climbed the Tucson, AZ 9-11 Tower Challenge today in honor of John Williamson’s sacrifice. We will never forget the bravery and sacrifice.

    – Ted maxwell
  11. I am honored to have completed the 2018 Pierce 9/11 memorial stair climb in your name.

    – Capt. Kip Kopelke
  12. RIP John ! Seems like yesterday you were jumping rope tirelessly to prepare for the physical test for entry to NYFD !! Thank you for all you did for NYC , the best place on the map !!

    – Joan
  13. In honor of John P. Williamson.
    Colorado 911 stair climb.. You will not be forgotten! Thank you !

  14. It was a honor to climb in memorial of Battalion Chief John Williamson in the 2019 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Chattanooga Tn.

    – Daniel Weathers
  15. I was honored to complete the 9/11 5K ruck at F.E. Warren AFB in your memory. 11 Sep 2020

    – Capt David Riffle
  16. Chief Williamson,
    My son would be your great nephew. Although he never had the chance to meet you, I along with his father, will always remind him of the hero his great uncle was. Thank you for your sacrifice…RIP

    – Christine Williamson
  17. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

    – John F Williamson III

    – John Williamson
  18. Honored to climb 110 stories today on the 20th anniversary, 9/11/2021, at the Bristol TN speedway. RIP brother. I’m sure your children are so proud of you.

    – Courtney Isaacs
  19. I was only 11 years old on 9/11/01, but I still remember. Thank you John.

    – Fernando Salazar
  20. I found out through a documentary. I am a Korean, but I would like to express my respect to firefighters and police officers who were sacrificed in September 11.

    – kim
  21. I received John’s name on a piece of paper in my gym class the other night (9/7/2022) in Pinehurst, NC. My workout was in honor of him!

    – Jennifer Connelly
  22. Climbed for John Williamson today at the Tower Challenge in Tucson. RIP.

    – John Kivi
  23. RIP John .Thank you for your service ‘

    – Koan