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Kenneth Cashman

Kenny Cashman‚ 29‚ a volunteer with the Auglaize Township Volunteer Fire Department‚ Defiance‚ died on September 13‚ 1999. A truck pulled out in front of Cashman as he responded to a residential fire.

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  1. God bless Kenny Cashman & his family! May his soul Rest In Peace! I found his name as a dedication “in memory of Kenneth C Cashman & all volunteer firefighters” in an episode (The Sign) of the series, “Little Men”, and I just had to look it up (found it by searching Google)! What a tragedy!! I’m so sorry for your loss of this brave young man!! My prayers go out to you and your family!!

    – Virginia Suchland
  2. May you rest in peace?!

    – Dee McDowell
  3. I just saw this in Little Men also. 2/22/2019

    – Katherine Smith
  4. I too saw his name at the end of an episode “The Sigh” on Little Men. I just want to say I am so sorry for your loss..Special men are fire fighters. Kenneth was too young to be taken so soon. May he Rest In Peace wrapped in the wings of an angel

    – Jamie Chase
  5. Rest in peace

    – Nacia D Miller
  6. The year is 2020. I just saw Fireman Kenneth C. Walsh’s name at the end of Little Men, “The Sign”.
    I did a search and found this site. It has been 21 years since he was taken from this life, way too soon. My prayers go out to his family. And yes, May he be resting in peace, until that great and notable Day of the Lord. I believe our Spirit will then be reunited with a new body and we will live with the Lord for eternity.

    – Bob Jenkins
  7. I was watching the Little Men series on PureFlix and at the end of season 2 episode 13, I saw the dedication to a young fire fighter. I was curious about the dedication and Googled the name. So sorry for your loss. It’s now June 1st, 2020 and he is still remembered.

    – Michael Moerbe
  8. My husband and I just finished watching Little Men and saw the dedication for Kenneth Cashman. We looked him up and found this site. Such a tragedy, his death at so young an age. He is honored once more. July 28, 2020.

    Corrine Ardoin
  9. As I was watching the credits on an unfortunate short-lived series of “Little Men” I saw the dedication in memory of Kenneth C. Cashman and all volunteer firefighters. My brother is a Battalion Chief and am well aware of the sacrifice these front line men and women take on. May God bless Kenneth and all his family. It is very difficult to lose a loved one. Today is December 9th, 2020 and Kenneth memory still lives on thanks to incredible series like “Little Men.”

    – Frank Vasquez
  10. Today is February 17, 2021. Just as others wrote below, I too just finished the episode’The Sign’ on Little Men and saw the episode dedicated to Kenneth Cashman. I read of his life and death on this site. My prayers of gratitude for his life and the series that brought me to seek out information on his life.

    – Nancy Domanski
  11. I too saw Kenneth’s name at the end of Little Men. As a retired volunteer firefighter with 23 years of service, I promptly did the online search. I am thankful that a fallen firefighter was given the honor of being prominently listed on such a wonderful series. Early in my volunteer service, I stayed at an inn to attend a friend’s wedding. Several months later I heard the innkeeper was seriously injured as a volunteer firefighter at a house fire. During my first year as assistant chief the assistant chief in a nearby town was killed during a fire incident. I have also been to Emmitsburg, MD and viewed the National Fallen Firefighter Memorial where one from my own department has a memorial marker. I say thank you to those who take the time to learn of both active and fallen firefighters and remember them and honor them. It means a lot to all of us. And thank you to those who serve.

    – Russ Hannan
  12. I too just watched a little men. It is April, 2021. My husband served as a volunteer fire fighter 20 years ago. So sorry for Mr. Cashman‘s family. I know they still mourn his loss after all these years.

    – Cheryl Barlow
  13. We just finished Little Men in August 2021. What a wonderful way to have people remember Mr. Cashman. May we all live a life worthy of having a memorial wall such as this.

    – Sandra wemdschalg
  14. We just finished Little Men in August 2021. What a wonderful way to have people remember Mr. Cashman. May we all live a life worthy of having a memorial wall such as this.

    – Sandra Wendschlag
  15. I too was watching the last episodes of the 2nd season of little men and I googled this as well, ha!
    Such a tragedy to read this and gone way too soon.
    As his legacy continues as he moved on to his next chapter I send thoughts & prayers to his loved ones and friends.

    – Linda Davis
  16. Watching “The Sign” episode of “Little Men”, at the end before the credits was. “Dedicated to Kenneth C. Cushman 1970-1999”. Put t.v. on pause to look ya up sir. Oh my way too young to be gone from your family! Thanks for your service till the end! ❤ to your family

    – Brenda Andrezeywski
  17. I wanted to extend the thanks for this young fireman who lost his life rushing to a fire. Just a week ago we had a kitchen grease fire. Our local firemen went right into our home, no matter they could not see due to smoke. These are brave self sacrificing men and women.
    May Mr. Cashman’s family carry their heartfelt memories with love and pride.

    – Diane Henifin
  18. I also just saw Kenneth’s name at the end of The Little Men episode it is April 5th, 2022. My heart goes out to the family. May he rest in peace and his memory continue to live on and spark a google search to read his story. A young life obviously taken from this earth far to soon!!

    – Tish Kirk
  19. It is July 20, 2022 and I have just watched the re-run of Little Men. It’s amazing how due to the thoughtfulness of the credits in his memory, Kenny lives on and is honored by his being a volunteer fireman long after his death! My thought and prayers are with his family and the many other families who share a similar tragedy.

    – Jan
  20. I too saw the dedication to Kenneth C. Cashman at the close of season 2, ep. 12 of “Little Men.”

    The Lord bless your family. Prayers for pease.

    Many thanks to all our brave firefighters and their families.

    – Robin McClure