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Age: 29
Year of Death: 2003

Nadar Ali Hammett

Submitted by his mother

Nadar was a very special and loved young man.

Nadar actually means rare and unique‚ but he was such a wonderful young man his name was defined as:
Never ending loved person
A man that was so kind and generous
Divine and loving son‚ brother and friend
Always be remembered and loved by his family and friends
Remembered as our angel

Nadar joined the Prince George’s County Fire Department in 2000. He loved his job very much. He served three years with the Prince George’s County Fire Department as an EMT/Firefighter. He had plans to become a paramedic. He attended paramedic school at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington‚ D.C.‚ expecting to graduate in January 2004.

On December 1‚ 2003‚ Nadar was taken from this earth in a tragic car accident on his way home from school. Nadar is still missed by all of us. His spirit will always stay with his family and friends.


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  1. Nader, you are not forgotten. Your memory lives on with those you worked with and those who knew you.

    – Scott Orr
  2. I remember that evening. Nadar was a team player. He was liked by every member of the BHVFD. May he Rest In Peace!

    – Brant
  3. Rest in Peace Brother.
    We both was in Career Recruit School 30 together. Great Great Guy!!!

    – Michael Harrington
  4. Hey Nadar,
    Eh, I know this isn’t a thing to put up on here. I guess I just thought it will help me out or give me a peace of mind. Maybe, maybe not. I miss you alot and wish you were here. I kind of feel alone.. I won’t say kinda.. I am alone.. idk maybe we could have talked about the same things or been interested into the same stuff. But anyway, I’ll save that for some other time. The family still miss you and to be honest, haven’t been the same since you left. I guess everyone thinks it’s getting better now but I honestly dont think so. I would rather you be here right now so everyone could feel like a family again or maybe I’m just having a fantasy of some sorts. Well I’ll leave it at that. Just wanted to type up “I miss ya bro” ended up typing more than what I wanted too.

    – Justin Jennings