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Roy E. Prouty

Submitted by his wife

Roy was the Fire Chief of Country Lakes Volunteer Fire Co & EMS. Roy passed away at the age of 39 after suffering a heart attack while in command of a helicopter landing zone assignment at his station. His wife and 3 children‚ his family and friends sadly miss him. His fraternal sisters and brothers (his extended family) will always remember him.

Roy joined the company in 1995 and loved everything about the fire company. He was the backbone of the company‚ putting the needs of his family first and leading by example. He became chief in 1998 when the ranks were down to 5 firefighters and swelled the membership to over 50. He served as Company President simultaneously and was loved‚ and admired by those of his company‚ the community‚ his family and friends. Roy single-handedly organized and gave birth to so many projects and events that will long continue. He gave it his all and more. When the community was having trouble with Emergency Medical Service response‚ Roy organized his members and began EMS183‚ a subunit of the Fire Company to help augment the existing emergency medical service squads from the township. He was also an EMT since 1999. EMS183 responded to 95% of over 1000 dispatches the first year. Roy signed on for over 500 of them. Soon after‚ he organized the ‘Rescue Rangers’ the company softball team‚ who had an undefeated season. These were ‘Roy’s Rescue Rangers’‚ the TEAM. The Company has a Fire Support Vehicle dedicated to him by the TEAM.

To Roy‚ family came first. He was a loving‚ dedicated and devoted husband and father. Roy and I were married for 12 days short of 14 years. We had gone to kindergarten together and were best friends first. We have 3 children: Roy Jr.‚ age 13‚ Rachel‚ age 8 and Renee‚ age 5. All Company functions centered around and included family always. ‘If your family didn’t support your service to the Fire Company how could you expect to dedicate so much time to it?’

Roy served in the US Navy for 12 years and was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal while enlisted. He later was employed by the Department of Defense as a Logistics Team Leader at NAVAIR Lakehurst at the time of his passing. He was recognized for several of his contributions over the years always being a go-getter.

In addition to serving his community Roy enjoyed golf‚ camping‚ tinkering on cars and home improvement projects; he was a movie and music trivia buff; he spent many hours on the computer and designed the Company website; he enjoyed hanging out with his friends and family and was always the center of attention.

Roy was the Chairman of the Pemberton Fire Chiefs Association‚ served as Vice President of the Pemberton Firefighters Relief Association; he was an exempt member of the New Jersey State Fireman’s Relief Association‚ a member of the Burlington County Fire Chief’s Association‚ the Executive Officer of Boy Scout Troop #145 and was very active in Girl Scouts‚ having served as Cookie Dad in January 2003 for our Brownie Troop. Roy was also the DJ at the community Girl Scout Witches Ball just the Friday night before.

Roy was always there for everyone. He would tell his friends with elderly or sick family to call his home phone number before calling 911‚ whatever time of day‚ when ever they needed an ambulance‚ he would make sure they were taken care of. He was the first to give out stickers or fire helmets to children at community events and fire prevention outings. He gave rides on the fire trucks to whatever kids asked. He was so happy doing what he was doing‚ and only wanted everyone to share in his enthusiasm.

We since have established the Chief Roy E. Prouty Memorial Scholarship to recognize graduating seniors from Pemberton Township High School who are dependents of our fraternal brothers and sister or members of our charted Boy Scout Troop #145. His spirit and memory will continue at all company functions and gatherings as the gang will definitely gather at least once and say ‘Chief … here’s a quarter for you!’ Roy’s memory will live on through his children with their spirit of service and by those who served beside him as they continue to sometimes reflect and wonder WWRD. (What Would Roy Do)

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  1. You’re greatly missed.

    – Renee Prouty
  2. I am an old friend of Roy’s. I decided to google him after all these years just to see if I could locate him. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. I worked with him years ago at Rizzo’s Pizza in Glenside. We had a lot of fun times there. I remember he had a friend who lived down the street from him who had a few very nice cars. I can’t remember his name. I lost touch with Roy after he joined the navy. He was a great guy. I am sure he is missed by many. I have many funny stories of us working together at Rizzo’s. I remember that Panther tattoo on his arm, if I remember correctly. Very shocked he passed so young. I was hoping to catch up with him some day and reminisce about old days. I can see Roy in his daughter in the video. Take care and god bless. Alex Famularo of Glenside, PA.

    – Alex Famularo