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Age: 72
Year of Death: 2001

Woodrow Wilson Poland

Submitted by his Family

Woodrow W. Poland‚ Sr.
West Virginia
North River Valley Volunteer Fire Company
Year of Death: 2001

Submitted by his wife

North River Valley Volunteer Fire Company volunteer Woodrow W. Poland died from a fall at the substation being built for NRVVFC at Delray‚ WV.

Woody spent his fifteen years of retirement finishing our retirement home and community service and helping friends.

Woody was one of ten children of Paul H. and Mae Davis Poland‚ born at Rio‚ WV.

Woody served two years in the Army during the Korean War‚ 1951-1953.

Woody attended trade school while working at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington‚ DC as a machinist. In 1963‚ he transferred to NASA in Greenbelt‚ Maryland‚ retiring January 6‚ 1986 as an Engineering Technician‚ moving to Rio the same day.

Woody married Eileen Wilson in 1957. We have three children and five grandchildren.

Woody belonged to the Ebenezer Lutheran Church and served on the church and parish councils and as a trustee of the church. Woody was also a trustee of the cemetery committee. Woody helped finish the new addition added to the church.

Woody was a member of the North River Mountain Hunting Club‚ where he served as president for many years. He enjoyed hunting and fishing.

Woody was a lifetime member of Post 134 American Legion and served as commander and secretary. He helped build a new post home.

Woody belonged to the Modern Woodmen of America and served as treasurer and trustee and did some work on their building.

Woody joined the Rio-Delray Ruritan Club in July 1986 and was a faithful member until his death. He served as secretary‚ vice president‚ president‚ and treasurer. He also served on the county fair board.

Woody spent many Friday and Saturday nights playing card game set back or volleyball with his friends.

Eileen told Woody he was a jack of all trades and a master of none‚ but I have a nice home which was sheetrock and plywood floors when we moved in. Woody was very proud of his family and always ready to help them.

While serving in the NRVVFC‚ Woody held the offices of Vice President (1993) and President (1988-1992 and 1996-2001).

He took the following: Haz-mat Incident Analysis‚ Firefighter I and II‚ Mass Casualty‚ Wilderness Search‚ First Aid‚ and CPR. Woody oversaw the upkeep and maintenance of the fire station and community building. Woody was also the chairman of the substation committee. He was an active member‚ responding to fire calls and search and rescue calls. He was our representative at the county association meetings.

Submitted by his son

Woody Poland…a son…a brother…a brother-in-law…a husband…a father…a father-in-law…a grandfather…an uncle…a best friend…a neighbor…a community leader…a mathematician…a carpenter…a surveyor…a plumber…an electrician…an auto mechanic…a machinist…a builder of houses…a volunteer fireman…a veteran…a teacher…a student…a man of humor…a hunter…a fisherman…a card partner…a volleyball player…a farm worker…a whistler of tunes…a church worker…a baptized child of God…a good and honest man who is loved and will be greatly missed!

Submitted by his friend

What will Rio do without you? is what I’d always say We’ll cross that bridge when it gets here‚ he’d say in the sweetest way.

He always had a saying and they always fit just right; But there was nothing he could have said to prepare me for that night. I stood in a kitchen and the terrible news was told I felt as if a part of me was taken from my soul That bridge when it gets here‚ still echoes in my ears For the dreaded day had come-the bridge was now here. I didn’t want to cross it; he never told me how.

He was gone forever and I felt I needed him more than ever now. Words could not describe the pain I felt within my heart To hear Woody’s no longer with us just tore my world apart. For Woody was the kind of friend so very hard to find A loving‚ caring‚ helpful man‚ truly dear and kind Not once when I needed him was he not there for me That was just the kind of man he was for all his friends and family.

Rio truly had been blessed with this wonderful man you see Electrician‚ plumber‚ handy man the best that there could be He was always willing to lend a hand to any one who would call. If Woody couldn’t fix it then it must not have been broken at all.

He loved to make you laugh and always joked around Rarely was there a day when you’d see Woody with a frown.

From volleyball player‚ ice cream maker‚ to card player most of all The Ace and Deuce are good for five‚ was his favorite call The community never really knew just how much we depended on him Woody Poland-husband‚ father‚ grandfather‚ but most of all FRIEND. There are no words that could ever say how much of a debt we owe.

To Woody‚ one of the greatest men to ever grace Rio That bridge came and we have to cross it somehow‚ in fact you said we would. We are all starting to cross it‚ but forget you we NEVER could. In some small way we want to say Thank You for all you had done. So today we give a little back as we dedicate to Woody-Rio’s Pavilion.

We love and miss you Woody-more than anyone ever could have imagined!

Love All Your Friends.

(Poem written by Tina Fitzwater)

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