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Age: 30
Year of Death: 2007

John Jacob ‘JJ’ Curry

Submitted by his Wife

John Jacob Curry was born in DeLand on December 22‚ 1976‚ at West Volusia Memorial Hospital. He graduated from Taylor T. Dewitt Middle High School in Pierson in 1995. Curry pursued his goal of becoming a firefighter by receiving his emergency medical technician certification in March 2006 and completing his certificate of compliance in fire standards and training in September 2006.

Curry began his employment with Volusia County Fire Services as a firefighter/emergency medical technician on January 6‚ 2007 and was currently assigned to DeLeon Springs Station 41. He was accepted to the Volusia County Wildland Fire Response Team‚ the Firewalker’s on November 13‚ 2007. Curry passed away on November 27‚ 2007.

J.J. by Kristen Curry

Tonight two candles flicker on either side‚
I’m reminded of my friend.
A friend that had no enemy’s‚
no…not even one.
Everyone loved and respected my friend
and knew no others like him‚
A friend that always had open arms‚
and a shoulder to cry on.
He didn’t always know what to say‚
but what he did say came from the heart.

Tonight two candles flicker on either side‚
I’m reminded of my husband.
He had a warm smile and a gentle touch.
He lit two candles every night
to remind me of his love.
There’s not a night that goes by‚
I don’t hear the whispers‚ ‘I Love You’

Tonight two candles flicker on either side‚
I’m reminded of a father.
In a hospital room three years ago.
I could see a man‚ holding his newborn son.
As he stared into the baby’s eyes‚
I could see his world was standing still.
I knew he would be world’s greatest Dad‚
and he was …
He looked up and gave me a smile.
We knew we were blessed.

Tonight two candles flicker on either side‚
I glance to the left‚
to see a closet full of clothes.
I glance to the right‚
to see a book half read.
A pair of shorts lay at my feet‚
with a belt still intertwine.
Above‚ I see a wedding picture
with an unfinished story.
Next to me an empty space
like the one in my heart.

Tonight two candles flicker on either side‚
I’m reminded of my son‚ friends‚ and family.
The empty space will never be filled.
but a new space has been made and is beginning to fill. I can’t tell you all the people
I’ve met in the past few months‚
but I do know there are so many people
that love and care about my family.
I’m so grateful.

Thank you‚ from the bottom of our heart and God Bless.

Kristen and Owen

Submitted by his Uncle

JJ was only in the fire service full time 10 months before his tragic accident. He was not in the fire service long enough.

JJ was interested in learning everything there is to learn about fire fighting. He would have moved up the ranks very fast as he absorbed information‚ learning like a sponge.

He is survived by his son of 3 1/2 years soon to be 4.

JJ always called and asked my advice when it came to fire fighting as well as letting me know where he going or what he was doing when it came to his profession. He loved his job and I was his mentor all the time until the time of his death.

I will miss our talks about fire fighting. I was looking forward to more of our talks when I retired and that is what I will miss the most about him‚ our talks.

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  1. You will always be remembered. We miss you very much.

    – Kristian P. gundersen
  2. Miss you brother.

    – Paul Barbour
  3. Seems like yesterday. We miss you JJ.

    – Heather Lorimor